Round Rock Acupuncture

Functional Medicine Lab Testing

HPA Stress Profiles
Evaluate the impact of chronic stress on endocrine function by measuring bioactive hormones and Cortisol Awakening Response (CAR).

GI Screens
Stool pathogen screening and cultures for identifying gut imbalance and infections using proven reliable methods.

The gold standard 3-hour breath test for dysbiosis and bacterial overgrowth. Glucose and lactulose methods.

Female Hormones
Salivary hormone testing for women. Help with all of life's phases using these custom panels.

Screen fundamental metabolic markers for digestion, liver health, and oxidative stress.

Saliva testing to measure Secretory IgA, the first-line immune defense.

Whether preventing future illness, fighting a life-threatening disease, or just trying to feel better in general, your efforts are in vain without smart lifestyle decisions, environmental awareness, and routine lab testing.

Do you suffer from fatigue, depression, weight problems, anxiety, insomnia, digestive disorders…hormone imbalance, chronic illness, or even diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, colitis, or diabetes?

Would like to get your hormone levels – such as cortisol and progesterone – evaluated on saliva, the most accurate form of hormone testing? Do you want to feel better? Perform at a higher level?